Weathering the Storms - How InnSure is rethinking the industry’s relationship with risk and loss in the face of climate change
March 6, 2023 | By: Risa Pecoraro

Rising sea levels. Catastrophic storms. Rampant wildfires. The risks we face today are not ones we are necessarily used to seeing. 


Why project management maturity matters - and how it drives our success at Bindable
February 8, 2023 | By: Bob Feathers

Successful companies cannot grow without purpose. Organizational decisions need to be intentional and focused on what’s best for the business at a given time. Depending on the maturity of a company, bigger and faster isn’t always better. 


How Non-insurance Brands can Maximize the Embedded Insurance Opportunity
January 24, 2023 | By: David Leskovar

It’s no secret that for many brands, embedding insurance offerings into an existing customer journey provides a great opportunity for generating new revenue and expanding customer relationships.


Buying vs. Selling Insurance: A mindset change can improve business
January 4, 2023 | By: Jean-Marie Lovett

Though we’ve long been poised for digital disruption in the insurance industry, greater technological capabilities have quickly become a necessity in the wake of the pandemic, emerging markets, developing economies and changing consumer demands — among a host of other events.


Reflections on 2022 and some thoughts on the year ahead
December 29, 2022 | By: Bill Suneson

There’s no doubt 2022 has been a challenging year for the InsurTech community. While we’re certainly not immune to the industry headwinds, thanks to our dedicated team at Bindable and an amazing group of business partners, we’re extremely grateful to have had another year of success. Here are some of the highlights from the past year:


Bindable Partner Spotlight - Zach Shefska of Car Edge
November 21, 2022 | By: Bindable

Recently we spoke with Zach Shefska, CEO of Car Edge, to learn more about his company, his role, and his experience working with the Bindable team. Read what he had to share!


How to remain profitable in a hardening insurance market
November 18, 2022 | By: Jean-Marie Lovett

The insurance industry is experiencing a hardening market right now. That means the market cycle is on an upswing, premiums are increasing, and carriers’ capacity for most types of risk is decreasing. While there are various opinions about what a hard market looks like in comparison to a soft market, its underlying causes and repercussions are universally agreed upon.


Our Interns' Inside Look into Bindable
November 8, 2022 | By: Bindable

This summer, Bindable launched its first-ever “official” internship program! We are so lucky to have five extremely talented and hardworking interns, all from Northeastern University in Boston, who have joined our team through the end of the year: Pooja, Aamrah, Bhumi, Eric, and Alisha. 

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